Claims for reimbursement of expenses incurred in the course of University business are subject to the rules currently in force as laid down in the Financial Regulations.

Department responsibilities

Cash floats are the responsibility of the member of staff to whom they are entrusted.

The cash float must be kept separate from any other cash received in the department.

It is the responsibility of the department to ensure that cash is kept securely both during and outside business hours.

It is essential that the duties of dispensing cash and authorization of the claim for reimbursement are not carried out by the same person.

Cash floats should be reconciled as and when reimbursement is required. All cash floats must be reconciled on 31 July (the financial year end).

Cash floats are issued at the discretion of the Director of Finance and may be withdrawn if the University's Financial Regulations and procedures are not adhered to.


Completion of the petty cash expenditure schedule

Original receipts or vouchers must support claims for reimbursement.

The receipt or voucher should be numbered and the following information recorded on the Petty Cash Expenditure Schedule:

  • Voucher number
  • Date of transaction
  • Description of claim
  • Amount
  • Relevant account codes
  • Claimant's name

The claimant should sign the expenditure schedule as proof of receipt of cash and the dispenser initial.

Reconciliation and claim for reimbursement

To reconcile the cash float for reimbursement:

  1. Box A, detail the amount of any claims outstanding, if appropriate.
  2. Box B, detail the amount of cash float remaining by type of coin or note and total.
  3. Box C, complete the total amount of vouchers/receipts as per the total on the expenditure schedule.
  4. The total of boxes A, B and C should equal the amount of your authorized float.
  5. Any discrepancies between your authorized float and the total of boxes A, B and C should be recorded in the 'Discrepancy' box.


Any discrepancies will be written off to the departmental operating budget.


The completed and authorized petty cash reconciliation, expenditure schedule and relevant receipts/vouchers should be forwarded to the Payments Office for reimbursement.

Authorization of claims

The claim should be authorized by the Head of Department or by someone the Head of Department has delegated authority to. For departmental cash floats, the petty cash claims of internal professors do not need to be authorized by the Head of Department.

Travel and subsistence

Claims for travel and subsistence can be reimbursed provided:

  • car mileage has not been claimed
  • the travel is not from home to work

Other notes

Claims for reimbursement from departmental petty cash floats are subject to a maximum of £15 per transaction. Note that it is not acceptable to sub-divide claims such that a claimant makes more than one claim, each within the £15 limit. The University holds a central petty cash float for claims up to a maximum of £25.

The following types of expenditure are expressly forbidden:

  • any claim over £15 unless prior permission is obtained from the Director of Finance
  • payment of wages, call-out payments, overtime payments, staff expenses or other ad hoc remuneration
  • gifts to members of staff or ex-members of staff
  • gifts, gratuities or donations of any nature to external bodies
  • payments for non-business use of goods/services
  • personal expenditure, loans or advances to employees or students, or for cashing personal cheques