Terms of Reference

Approved by Senate in June 1969.

To exercise the functions prescribed in Regulation 8 in relation to discipline of students.

Procedural Rules


  • Vice-Chancellor or delegate (Chair)
  • Four academic members of whom at least two are members of Senate
  • Three students appointed by the Student Representative Council

Officers normally in attendance : as required.

a. The academic staff members and a list of reserve academic members are elected by Senate

b. The student members of the committee and a list of reserve student members are appointed by the Students' Representative Council

c. Reserve members are to be invited to attend when a member of the committee is unable to attend or is debarred by reason of an interest in the case to be considered

d. No member of the committe shall be a member fo the Appeals Committee

Quorum: Five members

Rules for Voting: Senate Standing Order 16(v): Decisions are valid if supported by four members. The committee shall be entitled to find that a student has committed the offence to whichthe charge relates on receiving evidence of conviction for that offence in a civil court

Co-options: See Senate Standing Orders 16(ii) and 16(iii)

Alternates: See Senate Standing Orders 17(iii) and (iv)

Other: The secretary of any meeting of the Disciplinary Committee should consult Sente Minute 9572, October 1994

Minutes: To Senate in the unreserved section of the Agenda.