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The primary functions of the Education Board are:

  • To provide advice and support to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education) in support of their role in setting the policies and strategic direction of the University in relation to Education in the national and international context.
  • To develop Education KPIs for the institution on behalf of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education) that will be approved by Senate and enable it to monitor the University‚Äôs progress against its Education strategy as part of the wider University of Bath Strategy 2021 to 2026.
  • To monitor institutional performance against KPIs, escalating any issues and risks identified up to the Vice-Chancellor (University Executive Board), as appropriate, and reporting these to Senate.
  • To support the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education) by providing advice on decisions relating to the operational delivery of education.
  • To establish subgroups and commissioned projects as required to investigate, report on, and implement work on specific issues relating to education provision. To receive progress reports from subgroups and commissioned projects.
  • To make recommendations regarding implications for the student academic education experience flowing from the University policies and practices, with appropriate reference to Senate for regulatory oversight and referral to the Student Experience Board on matters pertaining to the wider student experience.
  • Maintain appropriate consultation and communication with all relevant stakeholders, including, in particular, the Student Experience Board and the Doctoral College.