A nomination may be submitted in either written or electronic format. A written nomination shall bear the signatures of the proposer and seconder and shall be accompanied by a declaration by the candidate that they will serve if elected. An electronic nomination shall consist of emails from the proposer and seconder confirming their nominee and an email from the candidate that they will serve if elected.

If there is an election the candidate with the highest number of votes will be elected to serve for the longest term of office from February 2019 to July 2021, the candidate elected with the next highest number of votes will serve for the period 1 January 2019 to 31 July 2020 and the final two candidates elected will fill the shorter term casual vacancies for the period from January to July 2019. This is in accordance with Ordinance 9.1 (e).

It may be noted that only non-professorial members of Academic Assembly may vote in this election, though a Professor may act as a proposer or seconder. Under the terms of Statute 18, the number of Professors who may be elected in this category of membership is limited to three; there is one Professor who will serve on Senate as a representative of Academic Assembly in 2018/19 and therefore professorial nominations will be valid on this occasion.

The Chair of Academic Assembly encourages all staff in the Education and Research job family to consider standing for this election and notes that a wide range of representation is vital to good decision-making by Senate.

See further information on Senate and the job specification for a member of Senate.

The Chair of Academic Assembly may be contacted by emailing academic-assembly-chair@bath.ac.uk