Electronics Materials

The Department’s wide range of materials research has the potential to underpin higher level TLR research of other research groups within the Department, by capitalising on our material growth expertise including:

  • 1D and 2D nanomaterial growth and integration
  • Group III-IV semiconductor growth and integration
  • Large area electronics production
  • Superconductivity device manufacturing

Circuits & Systems

With a wide range of researchers working on various systems level applications, we have developed a demonstrable capability on the design and manufacturing of the following circuits and systems.

  • Design, development and integration of micro and nanomechanical systems (MEMS / NEMS)
  • Macroscale robotics control
  • Fabrication of Lab-on-Chip devices
  • Design and manufacture of bioelectronics
  • Application of advanced tomography
  • Design and build of high frequency electronics

Power Electronics & Machine Drive

We have a critical mass of researchers across the Department working on different aspects of Power Electronics and Electric Machine. Our key topics of expertise are:

  • Power electronics converters
  • Wide bandgap semiconductor devices
  • Electric machine design
  • Transportation electrification

Applied Pedagogy EEE Research

Leveraging the research activities of the Department’s Teaching Fellows, EMaCS will provide a home to explore forward-looking approaches to EEE-specific teaching across established research themes.