Terms of Reference

Approved by Executive Committee 7th July 2005, revised by Council 29th June 2006 wef 1st August 2006.

  1. Formulating and recommending University policies and procedures relating to equality and diversity to Senate and Council.
  2. Overseeing the formulation of institutional action plans to ensure that equality and diversity policies are effectively translated into programmes of action.
  3. Advising the relevant University decision-making bodies and officers:
    • on strategic policy developments relating to equality and diversity, their integration into the University‚Äôs overall strategic plans and on their implementation;
    • the desirability and priority of actions relating to equality and diversity which have resource implications.
  4. Encouraging and assisting departments in the effective integration and implementation of University equality and diversity policies and procedures.
  5. Establishing project groups as required to investigate, report on and implement work on specific dimensions of equality and diversity issues.
  6. Maintaining under review and, where necessary, proposing revision to University policies, procedures and plans relating to Equality and Diversity.
  7. Monitoring and evaluating the implementation and effectiveness of the University's equality and diversity policy, procedures and plans.
  8. Keeping under review all areas of University practice in regard to equality and diversity.
  9. Ensuring University equality and diversity policies and procedures are effectively disseminated and promoted.
  10. Maintaining appropriate consultation and communication routes with all relevant groups in the University and with external bodies in pursuance of the terms of reference of the committee.

Procedural Rules

Appointment of Chair: Deputy Vice-Chancellor or a Pro-Vice-Chancellor nominated by the Vice-Chancellor.

Co-options: Council Standing Orders 16(iv) and 16(v). There is provision for up to three co-opted members, sought on the basis of their expertise in the area, who may include members external to the University.

Alternates: Council Standing Order 17(iii).

Quorum: One third of the membership (Council Standing Order 16(vii).

Rules for voting: None specified.

Minutes: Submitted to Council, Senate and Equality and Diversity Network.