Computer Security

Any computer order valued at £4,000 or more must be accompanied by an order for a computer safe ideally secured by an anchor plate in order to protect the computer processor unit and micro chips within. The security device should be approved by the Loss Prevention Council.

Use of mobile communication devices and computers

The University policy applies in regard to mobile phones, other mobile communication devices and computer equipment purchased or rented by the University and made available to any individual member of staff in the course of their work. Equipment is issued for business purposes only. Incidental private use is permitted. In the case of mobile phones incidental private use will be interpreted as having a cost of calls or data which is no more than £5 in any month. If an exceptional situation arises where an individual has to use their phone personally at a greater cost then he or she should refund the personal use amount. Personal use will be subject to audit.

Supply of Computer Software

Computer software may be provided to a University employee for use at home free of charge, provided that this software is used solely in connection with work for the University.

Removal of Equipment from Campus

When equipment is to be removed from campus, on loan or otherwise, prior authorisation must be obtained from the Head of Department, using the appropriate form Authorisation for temporary removal of equipment from campus. Security staff are authorised to challenge individuals who are seen to be removing equipment from the site.

Disposal of Surplus Items

Surplus items can be purchased by members of staff provided that the procedures for disposal of equipment are followed.

Equipment loaned to the University

When equipment is loaned to the University it should be recorded on the departmental list of assets as loaned. It would not form part of the University’s fixed assets as there is no “cost” value associated with the equipment. Equipment loaned is automatically covered by the University’s insurance up to a value of £250,000. Equipment loaned of a higher value should be notified directly to the Insurance Officer