Events and seminars hosted by Applied and Interdisciplinary Mathematics Seminars (AIMS).


AIMS Seminars are held weekly on Tuesdays and hosted by AIMS. All seminars are at 1.15pm in 4W 1.7 (The Wolfson Room), University of Bath. Everyone is welcome to join the speaker and organisers for lunch in the Claverton rooms beforehand.

Details of seminars for 2018/19:

Date Speaker Title
11 June 2019 Professor Bianca Stroffolini (Naples) Minimizers of a Landau-de Gennes Energy with a Subquadratic Elastic Energy
4 June 2019 Professor Dominic Vella (University of Oxford) Buffering by buckling: New wrinkles on Gauss’ Pizza Theorem
28 May 2019 Professor Tom Lubensky (University of Pennsylvania) Metamaterials and Topological Mechanics
7 May 2019 Dr Xian Sherry Chen (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) Mathematical design of new phase-transforming materials with low functional fatigue properties
30 April 2019 Professor Yuri Dumaresq Sobral (Universidade de BrasĂ­lia) Collapse of immersed granular columns
16 April 2019 Dr Thomas Woolley (Cardiff University) Patterns, cellular movement and brain tumours
9 April 2019 Dr Nicola Bailey (University of Bath) Dynamical Performance of a High Speed Gas-Lubricated Bearing
2 April 2019 Dr Carlos Rios (University of Bath) Hydrodynamic pilot-waves: A wave-mediated non-linear non-smooth dynamical system with spontaneously emergent regular patterns.
26 March 2019 Dr Xian Sherry Chen (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; CANCELLED) Mathematical design of new phase-transforming materials with low functional fatigue properties
12 March 2019 Dr Matthew Hennessy (University of Oxford) Mathematical modelling of lithium-ion batteries
5 March 2019 Professor Andre Nachbin (IMPA, Brazil) Surface waves over highly irregular topographies
26 February 2019 Dr Euan Spence (University of Bath) At the interface between asymptotic analysis and numerical analysis of wave propagation problems
12 February 2019 Dr Laura Hattam (University of Bath) KdV cnoidal waves in a traffic flow model with periodic boundaries
18 December 2018 Dr Miguel D Bustamante (University College Dublin) Energy flux enhancement, intermittency and turbulence via Fourier triad phase dynamics in the 1-D Burgers equation.
11 December 2018 Dr David Tsang (Physics, UoB) Variational Integrators for Nearly Integrable Systems and Non-Hamiltonian Dynamics.
4 December 2018 Mr Ferdia Sherry (Cambridge) Learning the Sampling Pattern for MRI
20 November 2018 Dr Jonas Adler (KTH Stockholm) Deep Learning for Image Reconstruction
6 November 2018 Professor/Dr Luis Silva (UNAM/Bath) Spectral analysis of a class of Jacobi operators modelling dislocations in crystals
23 October 2018 Dr Mohammed Golbalaee (Computer Science, UoB) Robust algorithmic weakening for solving Big data-driven inverse problems
16 October 2018 Professor David Jackson (Met Office, Exeter) Verification of space Weather Forecasts at the Met Office
2 October 2018 Dr Philippe Blondel (Physics, UoB) Mapping and monitoring the oceans with acoustics and mathematics

Soft Matter seminars are held weekly on Thursdays at 12.15pm.

Date Speaker Title
7th June 2019 3 West 4.7 Professor Ivan I. Smalyukh (University of Colorado Boulder) Knotland
31st May 2019 4W 1.7 Dr Aurore Loisy (Bristol Mathematics) Thin films and drops of active fluids: negative viscosity and tractionless self-propulsion
28th May 2019 4W 1.7 Professor Tom Lubensky (UPenn) Metamaterials and Topological Mechanics
23rd May 2019 4W 1.7 Dr Radu Cimpeanu (Oxford) Nonlinear phenomena in multi-scale multi-fluid systems
9th May 2019 4W 1.7 Professor Paul Milewski (Bath Mathematics) The Complex Dynamics of Faraday Pilot Waves: A Hydrodynamic Quantum Analogue
2nd May 2019 4W 1.7 Professor Paddy Royall (Bristol Physics/Chemistry) Manipulating Colloids: Corrals, Clutches and Amoebae
18th April 2019 1W 2.03 Professor Karen Edler (Bath Chemistry) Micelles & Monolayers: Self-assembly in non-aqueous systems
11th April 2019 4W 1.7 Dr Rachel Bennett (Bristol Maths) Mechanics and self-assembly in cancer cell nuclei
14th March 2019 1W 2.03 Professor Natsuhiko Yoshinaga ((Tohoku Maths) Active soft materials: Self-propulsive motion and collective behaviours of colloids and liquid drops

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