Before you begin

You should have a basic familiarity with Excel and be able to create and manipulate workbooks. You should also have core knowledge of working with files and folders in the Windows environment. If this is not the case we recommend you first take Excel - Get started with spreadsheets.

Delivery Method: Tutor led
Course Duration: 2 hours

What you will learn

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application which you can use to store, manipulate and present data. This course is taught through a mixture of demonstration and hands-on practice. You will learn how to:

  • create and populate a PivotTable
  • filter and sort the data in a PivotTable report
  • change how the PivotTable summarises your data, with filters, slicers and formatting
  • hide and show subtotals and Grand totals
  • create, populate, manipulate and edit PivotCharts

Book your place

To book your place:

  • Go to the Employee Self Service booking page
  • Select the date you wish to book
  • Enter any optional personal objectives you wish to achieve
  • Select "Save"

Course dates and times

  • Tuesday 21st June, 10.15 to 11.45am

If there are no suitable dates/times above, please email us to enquire about future opportunities and to be put on our waiting list.

What other learners have said about this course

"Really useful! Especially learning about 'Drilling Down', slicers and timelines."

"Really pleased with the course. Quickly gained knowledge of Pivot Tables and was surprised at how useful they were!"

"really enjoyed the course and found the slicers and pivot charts particularly interesting – I’m looking forward to trying it all out!"

"Great course! Very helpful!"

"Very good course. Training booklet and exercises easy to follow."

"Extremely well paced and digestible training. I was engaged from the beginning to the end, extremely pleased I attended this training."

" Trainer broke the material down into really easy chunks and made it a great learning experience."

"Perfect course. Introduction was perfect and the course details were set in a way that it did not confuse me. I feel at least 500% more confident in using Pivot Tables. Brilliant course."

"Really helped to demystify the dark art of PivotTables!"

"The pivot table training was excel-lent (sorry, couldn't help myself). I didn't know anything about pivot tables before, and now I will definitely know to use them in the future. I wish I had done the course earlier as I definitely would have used the skills for a couple of my studies. However it's good that I have those skills now."

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