Department Exchange Coordinator Date Time Room
Biology & Biochemistry Keith Vance 1st February 1:00pm 4 South 0.60A
Chemical Engineering Bernardo Castro Dominguez 1st February 2.00pm Wessex House 7.1
Chemistry Randolf Kohn 5th February 10.00am 1 South 1.03A
Civil Engineering Lee Bryant 1st February 2:00pm 4 East South 3.05
Computer Science Julian Padget 1st February 12.30pm 1 West 4.65
Economics Catherine Winnett 1st February 2.00pm 3 East 4.38
Health and Sport Science Nick Townsend 1st February 12.30pm 1 West 5.102
School of Management Clare Woolfe 1st February 2.30pm CB1.12
Mathematical Sciences Mark Opmeer 1st February 1.15pm 4 West 2.14
Pharmacy and Pharmacology Andrew Thompson 1st February 2.15pm 7 West 2.6
Physics Andriy Gorbach 1st February 12.30pm 3 West 3.3A
Politics, Languages and International Studies (PoLIS) Steve Wharton 1st February 12.15 1 West 2.104
Psychology Thalia Gjersoe 1st February 2.00pm 10 West 4.20