Chemical Characterisation and Analysis Facility (CCAF)

Our Chemical Characterisation and Analysis Facility combines cutting-edge analytical equipment with extensive in-house expertise to provide a comprehensive chemical characterisation service for the commercial sector.

The principle characterisation tools available include Mass Spectrometry (with and without liquid chromatography), Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Single Crystal and Powder X-ray Diffraction.

Go to the CCAF website to find out more.

Microscopy and Analysis Suite (MAS)

We provide microscopy and analysis equipment and expertise to support research. A range of instruments are available including electron microscopes, confocal laser scanning, high content, raman and scanning probe microscopes and flow cytometers.

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Nanofabrication Facility

Our Nanofabrication Facility comprises a range of equipment for the fabrication of solid-state devices within a suite of cleanrooms of ISO Class 6. Photo- and nano-lithography is combined with etching and deposition to create devices such as Hall sensors or light emitting diodes (LEDs).

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