We are addressing the challenges faced by modern fluid power systems by developing novel technologies, including:

  • digital hydraulic control using high speed switching valves
  • electrohydrostatic actuators
  • additive manufacturing to create compact and efficient high performance integrated systems
  • multi-chamber hydraulic actuators
  • model-based electro-hydraulic load sensing
  • Reducing noise is a major challenge with efficient hydraulic systems so we are using our expertise in fluid-borne noise modelling and analysis to help develop active noise cancellation techniques.

Our expertise in modelling and simulation of fluid power is applied to a range of fluid systems, such as aircraft fuel systems, diving life support systems, and the human respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

You can find an overview of the Centre's activity on the University Research Portal.

Research projects

Download our current and recently completed research projects in fluid power and fluid systems.

PhD theses

Name Year of award Thesis title
Yuanzhi Xu 2014 Analysis of Fluid-structure Interaction in Hydraulic Piping Systems (submitted at Beihang University)
Can Du 2014 Variable supply pressure electrohydraulic system for efficient multi-axis motion control
Chris Cargo 2012 Design and control of hydraulic power take-offs for wave energy converters
Min Pan 2012 Active control of pressure pulsation in a switched inertance hydraulic system
Dhinesh Sangiah 2011 Fluid metering using active materials
Arthur Bullock 2010 Fundamental concepts associated with hydraulic seals for high bandwidth actuation
Grzegorz Skawinski 2010 Fuel pump motor-drive systems for more electric aircraft
Andrew Roberts 2010 Modelling and experimental investigation into the performance of a ball valve from an aircraft fuel system
Mengeng Yang 2009 Modelling and analysis of pressure pulsations in hydraulic components and systems with particular reference to pump fault diagnosis
Lewis Boyd 2008 Active valve and pump technology: Modelling and control of variable-speed trim transfer pumps in aircraft fuel systems
Lin Michael Wang 2008 Active control of fluid-borne noise
Jerry Lin 2008 Modelling the human respiratory and cardiovascular systems