Rules and Guidelines

1. Any computer with a suitable Ethernet NIC conforming to IEEE 802.3 can be connected.

The following services are run by the Digital, Data & technology Group. It is forbidden, except in extreme circumstances previously agreed with DD&T, to run these services on any other machine connected to the campus network. (Contact DD&T if you have special requirements that cannot be met by central services):
- DHCP - DNS - Active Directory - Email - Routing protocols (e.g. OSPF, RIP) - Network discovery protocols - Port scanners

2. Before connection of any device to the network the following details should be sent to

  • type of machine
  • location
  • socket number

Optionally you can request an IP name and/or address. A reply will be sent when the machine is registered.

3. Any machine using the network without being registered will be disconnected.

4. All machines, and particularly servers, should have sufficient local support effort to ensure the system is secure, and is not a security risk to other machines on campus. All PCs (and other machines where appropriate) should be regularly checked with an up-to-date virus scanner.

5. Machines connected to the network should also conform to Email, Web, Security and Directory Services policies where appropriate.

6. Machines will be disconnected from the network if they endanger the security of the network, or if they are believed to be a source of viruses.

Document Control Information

Version Number: 1.0
Approval Date: February 2002