By exploring commercial and public policy areas of risk management research, our researchers are having an impact on academia and practice in a number of ways.

We are able to provide insights into the identification, assessment, and management of risks at three distinct levels of economy and society: the individual; micro-firm; and macro-economy. This perspective can help decision-makers in various sectors of the economy to better understand the nature of risk and uncertainty, and so prescribe more effective solutions to risk problems.

Using theoretical, empirical, and methodological developments in various academic disciplines, we are able to better analyse and explain risk management issues observed in practice. This should enable a rich analysis and interpretation of the results to be derived from research studies. This attribute could further benefit the investment and financing decisions of managers in the commercial and government sectors of the national and international political economy.

Through our work in this area, we are establishing, and promoting, a research focus for the future development of interdisciplinary scholarship and business-facing activities at the University of Bath, and elsewhere in the UK tertiary education sector and overseas.