This Scheme of Delegation sets out the authority which Council has granted to Committees and Officers of the University to act on its behalf. It consists of Part one: Matters Reserved for Council and Part two: Delegation from Council to Committees and Officers.

The Charter, Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations of the University have priority over this Scheme. The Scheme must therefore be read in conjunction with these constitutional documents of the University and the terms of reference of Committees which report to Council.

Council reserves the right to determine any matter normally delegated under this Scheme.

Where any decision taken in accordance with this Scheme is expected to have significant implications or is known to be sensitive, the Committee or Officer to whom the authority is delegated will consult appropriately before exercising their delegation. Any Officer or Committee to whom power to act has been delegated can decide that it is not appropriate to exercise their delegation on a specific occasion and can refer the decision back to Council. Any Officer may, as an alternative, choose to refer the decision to the relevant Committee for determination on behalf of Council.

With regard to financial matters, the Vice-Chancellor may authorise any recurrent expenditure from the University budget as approved by Council, as well as capital expenditure within agreed limits. Further details are specified in the schedule.

This Scheme will be maintained on an ongoing basis by the Office for Strategic Governance. This means that any future delegations approved by Council are automatically added to the Scheme. The content of the Scheme will be reviewed on a rolling basis, with a formal review at least once every three years. Any proposed additions or amendments to the Scheme resulting from these reviews will be subject to formal Council approval.

If you have any queries regarding the Scheme, or require access to this information in an alternative format, please contact the Office for Strategic Governance by calling 01225 386212, or emailing

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Owner: Council
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Approval Date: 25 February 2010
Revised by Council: 20 May 2010, 30 March 2011, 20 October 2011, 17 October 2013 and 26 November 2015 Approved by: Council
Date of last review: 1 August 2012