Before you begin

You should have a basic understanding of the Linux environment.

Delivery Method: Online Course Duration: 3 hours

What you will learn

The High Performance Computing (HPC) service helps researcher tackle large or complex computational tasks. This course is taught through a mixture of demonstration and hands-on practice. You will learn how to:

  • be able to login to the University HPC service, Balena
  • understand the different resources and partitions available on Balena
  • understand what storage is available on Balena
  • be able to find the software you want to use
  • understand why we use a scheduler and be familiar with its capabilities.
  • know how to create you own jobscript
  • be able to submit and manage workloads on Balena
  • be able to use interactive nodes for Test and Development
  • be able to use use visualisation tools
  • know where to find more information and how to ask for help

Join our Research Computing Forum (Microsoft Teams) for more information and also view recording from previous session.