Early 2022, the University will get a powerful new cloud supercomputer; a huge and exciting step change for research computing at Bath.

We are temporarily using the name Janus for the development environment. The permanent new name for our Microsoft Azure Cloud HPC will be announced in February/March 2022.

Hardware specifications

The University's cloud HPC environment, named Janus, is hosted on the highly scalable Microsoft Azure platform which offers virtually unlimited on-demand HPC computing and storage to help accelerate your scientific discovery.

Our cloud HPC environment includes the Azure CycleCloud tool which give you a simple way to configure your workloads. It also lets you optimise and scale the HPC infrastructure to meet your evolving research needs. CycleCloud includes the open source Slurm workload manager.


  • 2 TB Home storage area allowing users to log in
  • 16 TB Campaign area used for storing data. 512 MiB/s bandwidth
  • 16 TB Scratch space for temporary compute storage. 2,048 MiB/s
  • BUCS Home, i.e., the H Drive


Network fabrics

  • Mellanox EDR InfiniBand (100 Gb/sec or 200 Gb/s depending on the series)
  • VPN from Bath to Azure (Bandwidth: 1 Gb/s)

Software environment

  • Azure CycleCloud for automated configuration and management of the HPC environment
  • Slurm for cluster job scheduling
  • Modules environment for managing software and applications
  • Connect via Secure Shell (SSH) the cluster

Using Janus for your research

The new HPC cloud environment is under development and will gradually be made available to researchers and postgraduate students at the University. Please contact us if you would like to be included in one of our early access user groups.

Janus is the largest of Bath's new three pillar research computing infrastructure. Bath researchers and students can also use: