All of the Excel courses are currently being run remotely, using MS Teams. This means that the upper limit is more flexible (not restricted to the number of computers in a training room). Book into the session through the normal process and you will receive an invitation to the Teams meeting.

The current situation with COVID-19 also means that we are not charging for Postgraduate students to attend any of these sessions.

Choose a taught course

Excel - Get started with spreadsheets
You'll learn how to use Microsoft Excel and you'll get to grips with the basics.

Excel - Create formulae and functions
You'll learn how to use Excel to quickly do lots of calculations.

Excel - Create charts to present your data
You'll learn how to create charts to present data.

Excel - Manage your data better
You'll learn how to manage databases with filters, sorts and subtotals.

Excel - Use PivotTables to summarise data
You'll learn how to quickly reorganise and summarise large tables of data.

Excel - Use advanced functions
You'll learn how to use advanced functions such as VLOOKUP to search your data.

Excel - Introduction to Macros
You'll learn how to record and write basic Excel macros.

Self-paced learning

You can access a number of training resources on using Excel via Moodle. Any member of staff or postgraduate student can access these and learn at their own pace. The time for each self paced course varies from 1-3 hours.

Contact us for a workshop

If you would like to work through some of the above Excel content with a tutor please contact us and we will try and arrange a workshop.