The full set of Ordinances may be downloaded here. These Ordinances incorporate amendments approved by Council up to 31 July 2016. Alternatively, you may access each Ordinance separately.

  1. Definitions
  2. Appointment of Chancellor
  3. The Deans and Deputy Deans of Faculties, the Heads and Deputy Heads of Schools and the Head of Academic Departments
  4. Directors of Studies
  5. Groups and Heads of Groups
  6. The University Librarian
  7. The Court
  8. The Council
  9. The Senate
  10. The Board of Studies
  11. The Academic Assembly
  12. The Convocation
  13. The Division for Lifelong Learning (Rescinded, 1st October 2012)
  14. Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates in the University
  15. Examiners and Examinations
  16. Senior Administrative Officers
  17. Conditions of Service of the University Officers and Academic Staff
  18. External Work
  19. Disciplinary Ordinance
  20. Appeals
  21. Grievance Determinations Ordinance
  22. Intellectual Property
  23. Elections
  24. The University of Bath Students' Union (SU)
  25. Membership of the University
  26. Staff-Student Liaison Committee
  27. Use of the Seal of the University
  28. Title of Professor Emeritus

1 August 2017