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Our Vision

Red-ALERT is striving to reverse global environmental degradation and better protect both wildlife and human health.


A calm river surrounded by trees
Freshwater River

Freshwaters are the most severely impacted environments in terms of chemical pollution, disease and biodiversity loss and act as major conduits of chemical/pathogen exposures in humans and aquatic ecosystems.

Reversing global environmental degradation and better protecting both wildlife and human health requires real-time monitoring and management systems that can collate comprehensive spatiotemporal information on environmental health, identify new threats, and trigger rapid responses. Environmental (including public) health protection must move from reactive and often ‘crisis management’ to a more pro-active approach.

Red-ALERT CDT’s vision is to train and empower a new generation of leaders to transform how we manage aquatic environmental health via Real-Time Digital Water-Based Systems. Underpinned by emerging concepts of Digital Water Fingerprinting and (Waste)water-Based Epidemiology, the CDT convenes for the first time private, government, regulatory and public sector organisations with world leading researchers in the fields of genetics, ecotoxicology, sensor technology, Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous real-time data collection, mathematical modelling, data analytics, informatics and social science to co-design training to directly address key scientific knowledge gaps and areas of national / global skills shortages.

Training will focus on challenge-led multidisciplinary research and problem-solving skills. Leveraging nationally leading research facilities, international networks and whole system “Living Labs” to provide the in-depth knowledge and breadth of understanding, it will enable a step-change in managing environmental health directly addressing the NERC delivery plan (world-class people, places, ideas, innovation and impact).

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