Year Name Department Subject
2019 Isabella Poli Department of Chemistry Clean hydrogen fuel powered by the sun
2018 Hope Christie Department of Psychology Let Flowers Grow in Dirt - Exploring the Impact of Trauma on Parents and Their Parenting Outcomes
2017 Emma Robson Pharmacy & Pharmacology Finding your way around: The importance of brain rhythms
2016 Jack Olston Biology & Biochemistry Convergent Evolution: Roadmaps or Roundabouts?
2015 Tara Cheetham Psychology Learning to cope under pressure: manipulating stress and exploring resilience in children
2014 Ed Carter Pharmacy & Pharmacology Branching out: key players in the growth of the airway tree
2013 Katie Charneski Biology & Biochemistry Postively charged amino acids are the major determinants of ribosomal velocity (and why don't codons slow ribosomes after all?)
2012 Joe Kinrade Electronic & Electrical Engineering Sky on fire - The Auroral Effects on GPS in the Antarctic
2011 Tatiana Kim Mathematical Sciences Danger: high-frequency!
2010 Tobias Warnecke Biology & Biochemistry Colonel Mustard, with the candlestick,... in the loft conversion??!! Redrawing the board of genetic Cluedo: How mutations cause harm in unexpected places
2009 James Stone Physics Blue wavelength enhanced supercontinuum generation “Getting the blues”
2008 Shifaan Thowfeequ Biology & Biochemistry Towards a Novel Therapy for Diabetes: A Bio-alchemist's approach
2007 Miss J Parmley Biology & Biochemistry Splicing and the Evolution of Mammalian Genes
2006 Miss H Shearer Chemical Engineering Tissue Engineering for Bone Repair: A Four Dimensional Challenge
2005 Ms K Coopman Pharmacy & Pharmacology Exploring a Role for Cannabis Products in Inflammation
2004 Ms A Dowling Biology & Biochemistry The insecticidal toxin Makes caterpillars floppy (Mcf) promotes apoptosis in mammalian cells
2003 Ms A O Urrutia Biology & Biochemistry Human Genome Organisation: the fine tuning for transcription
2002 Mr A Parfitt Mechanical Engineering Adaptive camouflage based upon biological principles
2001 Ms S Iyer Biology & Biochemistry Structure and function of the Placenta growth factor
2000 Mr E B Mallon Biology & Biochemistry Decision-making in colonies of the ant Leptothorax albipennis
1999 Mrs C Edmunds Pharmacy & Pharmacology T lymphocyte activation within the immune system
1998 Mr N G C Smith Biology & Biochemistry The costs and consequences of gene copy number variation
1997 Mr S Serkov Mathematical Sciences Asymptotic Analysis of Mathematical Models for Elastic Composite Media
1996 Mr J D Schmitt Biology & Biochemistry The design and synthesis of novel synthetic trans membrane peptides
1995 Miss E C M Crooks Mathematical Sciences Reaction diffusion systems
1994 Mr T J Gosling Mathematical Sciences Modelling dislocations in strained-layer devices
1993 No award
1992 Mr W J Crowther Mechanical Engineering Aircraft Yaw Control at High Angle of Attack by Tangential Forebody Blowing
1991 Mr I W Davies Chemistry New Methodology for Asymmetric Synthesis