Claims for reimbursement of expenses incurred in the course of University business are subject to the rules currently in force as laid down in the Financial Regulations. Claims submitted more than six months following the date that the expenditure was incurred will not be reimbursed.

Print the petty cash claim form with examples.

Receipts and vouchers

All claims must be supported by receipts or vouchers. Originals must always be presented, not photocopies.

Travel and subsistence expenses

The form for Travelling and Incidental Entertaining Expenses should always be used where travel is reimbursed and can be presented for Petty Cash provided:

  • car mileage has not been claimed
  • the travel is not between home and work
  • the claim is under £25

Entertaining and purchasing food and drink

Reasonable amounts of expenditure for hospitality and entertaining may be charged to University administered funds where necessarily incurred in the course of the University's business. Receipts must be attached.

All claims for reimbursement of such expenses must contain the following information:

  • The purpose of the hospitality or entertainment
  • The names of those present and the organisation they represent

Entertaining not involving third parties (i.e. attended by University staff only) should not be charged to University administered funds and is not reimbursable.

This applies to all purchases of beverages and food which should not be charged to University administered funds if for departmental staff use.

Authorisation of a claim

The claim should be authorised by the Head of Department or by someone the Head of Department has delegated authority to. The claim of an internal professor must always be authorised by the Head of Department.

The claim should be taken to the Finance Office for authorisation by the Payments Section prior to collection of cash from the Cashier's Office. The person collecting the cash (normally the claimant) is required to sign the form to acknowledge receipt.

Other notes

Claims for reimbursement from petty cash are subject to a maximum of £25 per transaction. Note that it is not acceptable to sub-divide claims such that a claimant makes more than one claim, each within the £25 limit. The following types of expenditure are expressly forbidden:

  • any claim over £25 unless prior permission is obtained from the Director of Finance
  • payment of wages, call-out payments, overtime payments, staff expenses or other ad hoc remuneration
  • gifts to members of staff or ex-members of staff
  • gifts, gratuities or donations of any nature to external bodies
  • payments for non-business use of goods/services
  • personal expenditure, loans or advances to employees or students, or for cashing personal cheques.