In addition to meeting with your supervisor(s) you will need to attend a number of induction activities. Your induction activities may take place either in-person or online. Please use this timetable to help you plan the start of your studies with us at the University.

Your timetable

Monday 20 September

Start Finish Location Description
10.15am 1.15pm 5W 2.3 Departmental PGR Induction Session (New PhD students ONLY)
2.15pm 3.15pm 5W2.3 Health and Safety Talk

Tuesday 21 September

Start Finish Location Description
10.15am 11.15am TBC Departmental Meet and Greet Coffee Morning
11.15am 1.15pm Online Intro to SAMIS: Candidature form and progress reports
2.15pm 5.15pm N/A PhD Project Meeting with Supervisors. All new PhD students to arrange with lead supervisor

Wednesday 22 September

Start Finish Location Description
9:15am 11:15am 5W 2.3 PG Training 1: Introduction to PG Demonstrating for Year 1 PhD students
1:15pm 2:15pm Online Library Induction
2:15pm 4:15pm 5W 2.3 PG Training 2: Demonstrator course

Thursday 23 September

Start Finish Location Description
2:15pm 3:15pm Online Giving Tutorials

Friday 24 September

Start Finish Location Description
9:15am 10:15am 5W 2.3 Ethics and Academic Integrity
2:15pm 3:15pm Online Giving Organic, Physical and Inorganic Tutorials

Monday 27 September

Start Finish Location Description
10:15am 11:15am 5W 2.1 Year 2 PhD Induction Session (for all Year 2 PhDs)
11:15am 12:15pm 5W 2.1 Final Year PhD Induction Sesstion (for all final year PhDs)

Tuesday 28 September

Start Finish Location Description
9:15am 12:15pm TBC Solvent Training with Dr Randolf Kohn

Thursday 30 September

Start Finish Location Description
10:15am 11:15am 5W 2.1 Purchasing in Chemistry
2:15pm 3:15pm Online Dignity and Respect talk

Friday 1 October

Start Finish Location Description
10:15am 12:15pm 8W 2.1 Introduction to Chemistry facilities (MC2, Chemistry NMR, PXRD, X-Ray, Mass Spec and TGA Service)

Make sure you check your emails regularly. Sometimes we need to change the times and locations of Welcome events but we’ll email you the new details if that happens.

Other induction activities

Starting Your Doctorate (e-learning module)

All new doctoral students are required to complete our Starting Your Doctorate online course. You can do this at your own pace but this must be completed by Friday 22 October 2021. Once registered, you will be able to access this course via Moodle, our Virtual Learning Environment.

Doctoral Welcome Sessions (in-person/online sessions)

All new doctoral students are invited to attend a Doctoral Welcome Session, organised by the Doctoral College. We have multiple dates for you to choose from. Please check your timetable below and book a relevant session. You are welcome to choose either an online or an in-person session:

Doctoral Welcome Reception (in-person)

We are delighted to announce that our Doctoral Welcome Reception will return on Thursday 21 October 2021 17:00 - 18:30 having been postponed in recent years due to the pandemic. During the Reception you will hear from the Vice Chancellor, Interim Pro-Vice Chancellor's (Research) and the Academic Director (Doctoral College).

Doctoral Information Webinar

Book your place at our Doctoral Information Webinaron Thursday 28 October 2021 10.30am - 11.30am. The webinar is an opportunity for you to find out more about our professional services within the University and the support available. The session will be recorded for those unable to make the session but the benefit of joining live is that you will be able to ask your own questions.

SU Fresher's Week

As well as these compulsory events, you can also get involved in optional activities run by The SU.

Useful information

Covid-19 information for students

Find out more about the latest Covid-19 information for students.

Find out where to go

For any in-person sessions, look at our campus map to get directions to your sessions.

Help with Technology

For any online sessions, if you need assistance with any IT, please contact the IT helpdesk before your induction sessions.

Link to other students in your Department

We have set up a Microsoft Team for you to ask questions and start to get to know other doctoral students in the Department.

First meeting with your Supervisor(s)

Please use our supervision checklist to help plan your first couple of meetings with your supervisor(s).