In addition to meeting with your supervisor(s) you will need to attend a number of induction activities. Your induction activities may take place either in-person or online. Please use this timetable to help you plan the start of your studies with us at the University.

Find out where to go

For any in-person sessions, look at our campus map to get directions to your sessions.

Help with Technology

If you need assistance with any IT, please contact the IT helpdesk before your induction sessions.

Link to other students in your Department

We have set up a Microsoft Team for you to ask questions and start to get to know other doctoral students in the Department.

Starting Your Doctorate - Compulsory induction module

All new doctoral students are required to complete our Starting Your Doctorate online course. You can do this at your own pace but this must be completed by Friday 18 October 2020. Once registered, you will be able to access this course via Moodle, our Virtual Learning Environment.

Doctoral Welcome Sessions

All new doctoral students are invited to attend a Doctoral Welcome Session, organised by the Doctoral College. We have multiple dates for you to choose from. Please check your timetable below and book a session that is convenient for you.

Your timetable

Tuesday 22 September

Start Finish Location Description
9.15am 9.40am Zoom Welcome to the Centre for Sustainable and Circular Technologies - Matthew Davidson and Marcelle McManus (Directors)
9.40am 10.00am Zoom Introduction to the Centre for Sustainable and Circular Technologies Roles - Francesca Guiso Gallisai (Centre Manager), Aida de Heras (Comms Coordinator) and Becky Gallagher (Centre Coordinator)
10.00am 10.30am Zoom Introduction to training programme - Francesca Guiso Gallisai
10.40am 11.10am Zoom Centre for Sustainable and Circular Technologies committees and elections - Joe Paul-Taylor (Chair of Students Affairs Committee); Laura English (Symposium Representative), Philip Yang (Web Representative); Sandra McHugh (Summer Showcase Representative); Hannah Rogers, Niamh Leaman, Jon Noble and Matt Oshinowo (PE Representatives)
2.00pm 2.15pm Zoom Research Marketing - Tom Mason (Social Media Manager) and Vicky Just (Media and PR Manager)
2.15pm 2.30pm Zoom Public Engagement - Rob Cooper (Public Engagement Officer) and Rachel Mason (Science made Simple)

Make sure you check your emails regularly. Sometimes we need to change the times and locations of Welcome events but we’ll email you the new details if that happens.

As well as these compulsory events, you can also get involved in optional activities run by The SU.