The Financial Regulations apply to all funds administered by the University, including donations and general funds created by donation to the University, and fees due to members of staff from work on University and other contracts (General Funds). Once donated to the University, General Funds become the property of the University and may not be expended or removed from the University other than in accordance with the Financial Regulations.

Heads of Department are responsible for authorising the use of General Funds created by staff employed in their department. General Funds shall be used solely to support the normal academic activities of the University, including attendance at conferences and travel by University employees. General Funds must not be used to fund the private expenditure of any employee. Private expenditure includes travel costs of the relatives and associates of employees and travel costs in excess of the University rates for the time being in force.

Any items purchased using General Funds are the property of the University and are subject to the rules and regulations covering purchasing policy, expenditure and assets for the time being in force.

General Funds remain the property of the University if the member of staff who generated them leaves University employment.