Employers need to connect with their chosen training provider through the government’s Digital Apprenticeship Service.

Once an account has been created and the necessary paperwork completed – e.g. training services agreement and commitments statement etc. have been signed – the employer will need to assign their apprentice(s) to the University of Bath through the Digital Apprenticeship service. In order to look up the University of Bath they may need to search by either our name or our UK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN) which is 10007850.

When assigning the apprentice(s) to the University of Bath the employer maybe required to confirm some information in respect of the apprentice’(s):

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Unique learner number (if known)
  • Apprenticeship Training Course
  • Training start and end date
  • Agreed price for the apprenticeship training and assessment

If some of this information is not known, the fields can be left blank for the University to complete. Any changes need to be verified and agreed by both employer and the University. Both parties need to have confirmed the apprenticeship details within the portal before the start date.