As part of the University’s new approach to research ethics and integrity, we are launching a new Research Integrity Training Moodle course for staff and Doctoral students.

The new course will be available via Moodle and replaces the existing material on the ‘Concordat to Support Research Integrity’ course. This course will continue to be mandatory for staff and Doctoral students.  

Through engaging with colleagues at other Universities and in consultation with the UK Research Integrity Office, we have purchased a new online training course ‘Responsible and Ethical Practice in Research and Publication’ developed by the University of Dundee.  

Changes to current Moodle training:

For Doctoral students: the new course is now live and can be accessed via this link.

For Staff, so that we can update Moodle with the new course content, the course is being updated and as such there is no access to the ‘Concordat to support research integrity’ course until 4 May 2023.

*Link to the new course will be updated on our webpages in due course.