Residents must conduct themselves at all times in a responsible and proper manner with due consideration for Operations staff, other residents, local residents and members of the public.

As a resident you must therefore have due regard for all such people and ensure that you do not do anything which causes an adverse impact on the health, safety, wellbeing or academic progress of others.

The Residential Rules (RR) that you must follow are those which deal with the following subject matters:

  • Causing nuisance and noise affecting the work or sleep of others
  • Keys/access control cards
  • Window restrictors
  • Keeping pets
  • Ball games
  • Motor vehicles & Parking
  • Parties
  • Visitors and guests
  • Sub-letting
  • Access to rooms
  • Prohibited items
  • Incense sticks and candles
  • Cycle storage
  • Window displays
  • Cleaning and causing obstruction
  • Electrical equipment
  • Damage to property (other than University Accommodation)
  • Damage to property (University Accommodation)
  • Breach of Health and Safety Regulations
  • Use of Social Spaces
  • Unattended cooking

Further details on each of the Residential Rules are detailed below along with supplementary information relevant to University regulations:

RR1. Causing nuisance or noise affecting the work or sleep of others at any time.

After 11.30pm it is expected that no noise or music should be heard in adjacent corridors or rooms.

Residents using kitchens or bathrooms after 11.30pm should show special consideration to other students in the group who may be trying to sleep.

Remember that you are here to study so please respect the right of other residents to peace and quiet when they need it.

If you feel your own peace and quiet is being affected speak to the offending party in a reasonable manner.

If you cannot resolve the matter, contact West Accommodation Centre or Security.

RR2. Keys/access control cards

Improperly using keys/access control cards including duplicating or lending to other persons is not allowed. On changing rooms you must return the keys to your old room by a specified date.

RR3. Window restrictors

Tampering with window restrictors. Windows are fitted with restrictors for your safety and these must not be tampered with. Residents are not permitted to climb out of windows or sit on window ledges.

RR4. Keeping pets

Keeping pets, including fish or livestock on University premises. If any are found in your accommodation you will be required to remove them immediately.

The university reserves the right to remove the animal and keep it at your cost.

RR5. Ball games

Playing ball games in residential buildings or in the vicinity of the residences. The University residences on campus are located on the main access route used by motor vehicles. Ball games are not allowed inside residential buildings or in the vicinity of the residences (except designated areas).

RR6. Motor vehicles and parking

Students living in University accommodation on campus or in the city campus may not park or be in possession of a motor vehicle (including a motorbike/moped) on University property, or on public roads within the City of Bath boundaries unless granted a permit, or if they are using the vehicle that belongs to the official Car Club of which they are a member.

RR7. Parties

Parties are not allowed in and around residences due to the excessive noise and damage that they may cause.

Small social gatherings will be allowed in kitchens and social spaces provided written permission has been sought in advance (at least 24 hours) from your Operations Team Leader and maximum numbers agreed.

All members of the kitchen group must be in agreement that their kitchen can be used for this purpose.

Most importantly those attending such gatherings must not breach any of the Residential Rules.

RR8. Visitors and guests

No person may occupy or share the occupation or live in any room or premises on a long term basis other than the student assigned the room.

Overnight guests under the age of 18 are not permitted.

Residents are responsible at all times for the conduct of their visitors and guests.

Consequently, if the guests of any resident breaks any of the Residential Rules or University Regulations, or cause damage to University property the resident will receive the appropriate penalty and disciplinary action.

The guest may also be asked to leave accommodation without notice. There is no problem if one friend occasionally shares your room overnight (for a maximum of 3 nights), in order to arrange this please email with the name of your guest and dates of stay.

Residents who have guests for longer than this risk disciplinary action and a financial penalty of £50 and/or losing their own place in residence.

RR9. Subletting

Residents are not permitted to sub-let, attempt to advertise their room for letting on websites or noticeboards, or allow other students to live in their room without the formal permission of the Student Accommodation Manager.

RR10. Access to rooms

The University regards it as paramount that student privacy is protected. In order for the University staff to discharge and fulfil their property management and student welfare roles, students are required to provide access to their accommodation at all reasonable times.

Regular health and safety checks will be undertaken every three months and residents will be given one week’s notice when this occurs.

In exceptional cases, where urgent entry is deemed appropriate, entry may be requested at times that may not be generally described as reasonable. (See Section 6 Access to rooms).

RR11. Prohibited items

Prohibited items in residences include untested electrical circuitry, weapons/replica/sport guns, hazardous and flammable materials/liquids or chemicals.

RR12. Incense sticks and candles

You cannot burn joss/incense sticks or use naked flames due to the sensitivity of the fire detection equipment, (other than candles such as birthday cake candles which may be used if you have sought prior consent from the Accommodation Operation Manager).

RR13. Cycle storage

Students must not store bicycles in their rooms or inside accommodation buildings.

Any bicycles found stored inside residences are likely to be removed and stored at your cost. Secure bicycle stores are located close to the residences.

RR14. Window displays

Displays in or from windows is not allowed including international flags and washing.

Reasonable bedroom ornaments on internal window sills are however acceptable.

RR15. Cleaning and causing obstruction

Residents must look after their accommodation and maintain acceptable levels of cleanliness as detailed in the 'Cleaning Services' section.

Residents must also ensure that communal areas including passageways, stairwells and exits are kept clear at all times.

RR16. Electrical equipment

Use of unauthorised electrical equipment such as non-CE marked electrical items is not allowed.

You may be responsible for the damage caused by the use of such equipment including call out cost for resetting a circuit breaker.

RR17. Damage to property (other than University Accommodation)

If damage is caused to University property other than residences, the officer responsible for implementing action is the Head of Security Services, who will liaise with Estates to arrange repairs and cost recovery.

RR18. Damage to property (University Accommodation)

Causing damage to University Accommodation the officer responsible for implementing action will be the Accommodation Operations Manager or his/her nominee. They will liaise with relevant parties to arrange repairs or replacement.

Charges will then be communicated and passed on to the student(s) concerned. Where damage is in communal areas and where it is impossible to identify the individual(s) responsible, the kitchen group/flat members will be notified of the damage and a request made for the person responsible to own up.

If it is impossible to identify the individual(s) responsible, the invoice will be issued to all students sharing the facility, who will be held jointly liable.

Failure to settle a communal charge by the deadline date will result in the total cost being applied proportionately to individual student accounts within the kitchen group as well as an additional administrative charge of £30 per person.

RR19. Breach of Health and Safety Regulations

This will include failing to evacuate during a fire alarm activation or returning to the building whilst the alarm is still activating or before being given permission by a security officer to return, interference with fire protection and other University Health and Safety equipment e.g. malicious activation of fire alarms or fire extinguishers, covering or disconnecting fire detectors, propping open of fire doors etc.

Items in this category may also constitute criminal offences under the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004 S49 which states that a person commits an offence if “he knowingly gives or causes to be given a false alarm of fire to a person acting on behalf of a fire and rescue authority”, which carries penalties from a fine of up to £1,000 and/or imprisonment of up to three months.

RR20. Use of Social Spaces

Residents using accommodation social spaces must book through the maintenance request form.

Residents must ensure the area is kept clear of any obstruction, furniture is not moved around and an acceptable standard of cleanliness is maintained.

Accommodation Operations Teams may remove any personal belongings left in the area and you may be liable for any cleaning charges that are deemed necessary.

RR21. Unattended cooking

Students are responsible for safety whilst cooking within University managed property; students should never leave grill, microwave or hob cooking unattended and should always ensure that oven/microwave and ‘slow’ cooking is managed in a way so as not to cause damage or safety concerns.