Simulation is vital to confirming underlying assumptions about dynamic behaviour and forms the basis for improving designs.

We can best achieve the required behaviour through changes in the mechanical, hydraulic, electrical systems or control code. Because of this, we need to take a systems approach to improvements. This also supports the design of more intelligent machines, robots and autonomous systems.

We have developed a method for the automated generation and analysis of design variants of a dynamic system, given some desired dynamic specifications. It takes advantage of the unified representation of dynamic systems provided by bond graph techniques combined with systems inversion and genetic algorithms.

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Research projects

Download our current and recently completed research projects in robotics, mechatronics and systems research.

Name Year of award Thesis title
Samuel Jiménez 2016 Internal sensing and actuation topologies for active rotors.
Jawaad Bhatti 2016 Foot placement for running robots
Nathan Sell 2015 Control of a fast switching valve for digital hydraulics
Zhenyu Du 2014 Position and force control of cooperating robots using inverse dynamics
Fred Berg 2013 Principles for aircraft exergy mapping
Becky Margetts 2013 Modelling & analysis of hybrid dynamic systems using a bond graph approach
Katherine Griffiths 2012 An improved method for simulation of vehicle vibration using a journey database and wavelet analysis for the pre-distribution testing of packaging