Senior nominated officers

Safeguarding Officer Nicky Kemp, Director of Policy, Planning and Compliance x6600 or x6080 (Contactable outside office hours via Security Services x5349)
Deputy Safeguarding Officer David Jolly, Senior Legal Adviser x6966

Departmental designated safeguarding officers (DSOs)

Accommodation and Hospitality Services 1. Matt Waldron, Student Living Support Manager x3631
2. Andrew Nash, ISO and Compliance Manager x4772
Department of Sports Development and Recreation 1. Greg Sharp, Deputy Director of Sport x6907
2. Juliet Dormer, Events Manager x4267
3. Tracey Sharpe, Finance Coordinator x3015
Student Services 1. Lisa Ring, Complex Case Manager x3284
2. Anthony Payne, Director of Student Services x6879
Students' Union 1. Mandy Wilson-Garner, Deputy Chief Executive x3125
2. Anna Boneham, Student Development Manager (Volunteering) x3198
Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach 1. Stephanie Gan, Campus Events Manager x3554
2. Kate Awdry, Outreach Manager (Programmes) x7507
Westwood Nursery 1. Pauline Young, Childcare Services Manager x6518
2. Tara Cook, Pre-school Room Leader x6518