1. To review ESRC research ethics proposals from University staff and advise on the requirements for ethical approval.
  2. To give written endorsement of the ethical implications of such proposals that require ethical approval, or provide written information as to why endorsement has not been given.
  3. To consider resubmissions.
  4. To refer to the University Ethics Committee cases which cannot be resolved or about which there is uncertainty.
  5. To receive reports from department research ethics officers on proposals endorsed via EIRA.
  6. To advise on the most appropriate monitoring mechanisms for projects that have been approved, and to receive monitoring reports at agreed intervals from the principal investigator.
  7. To advise department research ethics officers on student research proposals which cannot be resolved or about which there is uncertainty.
  8. To operate procedures when scrutinising proposals with a view to endorsement that are no less rigorous than those suggested or required by relevant professional bodies.
  9. To advise the University Ethics Committee on training needs for SSREC members.

Procedural Rules

Appointment of Chair: Nomination to be approved by the Board of Studies of the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences.

Co-option: Department Ethics Officers as required from other Social Science areas.

Alternates: None specified.

Quorum: One third of the committee, or three members, whichever is higher

Rules for voting: None specified.

Minutes: Submitted to Ethics Committee.

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Approval date: 2 May 2006
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