Spin outs

3UG Autonomous Systems provides services in risk minimisation, risk quantification and trajectory planning for Drone operators and service providers. The services include visual line of sight (VLOS) and beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS).

Bath ASU manufactures thousands of life-changing pharmaceutical products every week, serving customers and their patients nationwide.

Binx Health (Formerly Atlas Genetics) is improving sexual health and wellness through new delivery methods that prioritize clinical integrity and consumer privacy and convenience. They provide a first of its kind, comprehensive digital program that includes evidence-based sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing, counselling, treatment, and follow up in order to increase screening and reduce infections.

BLOC Laboratories has created a suite of software tools to help researchers working with biomolecules tp rapidly advance the understanding of their system. The technology allows the rapid prediction of changes in protein stability. It is label free and can accommodate virtually any protein, in any formulation and at any concentration giving valuable data relating to antibody stability prediction, biomolecule excipient choice and quality control.

Ceryx Medical is developing bioelectronics based on unique, patent protected, chip technology which is able to mimic nerve centres within the body called Central Pattern Generators (CPGs). These CPGs help to control a range of autonomic or rhythmical processes within the body such as peristalsis, heart rate and even walking.

CiteAb is a leading life science data provider. Their antibody and biochemical search engine provides a simple way for researchers to find reagents that work, while their high quality market data and citations are used commercially by many of the world’s leading reagent suppliers and investment companies.

GLOphotonics SAS is a French start-up based in Limoges. GLO is set up to commercialize hollow-core photonic crystal fiber (HC-PCF) and their functionalised form Photonic Microcells™ (PMC). GLO products are built upon its proprietary and disruptive specialty fiber technology and gas photonics.

Glythera - now called Iksuda Therapeutics is creating next-generation, class-leading ADCs. Their ADCs target difficult-to-treat cancers, including those that are resistant or refractory to current therapies.

Microsulis Medical Limited – brought by AngioDynamics develops and manufactures microwave ablation devices for minimally invasive soft tissue ablation. The company offers Acculis microwave tissue ablation (MTA) system, including a range of products for the coagulation of soft tissue.

Nano-Purification Solutions Ltd (NPSL) – brought by IMI Norgren is a world-class manufacturer of state-of-the-art compressed air and gas solutions to industry. Their commitment is to work alongside each customer to provide unique solutions with the highest quality products to solve their specific challenges.

Sterix Pharmaceuticals – brought by Ipsen is a global biopharmaceutical group dedicated to improving lives through innovative medicines in Oncology, Neuroscience and Rare Diseases. They are committed to discovering new solutions for targeting debilitating diseases and improving the quality of life for patients.  

Start ups

Bath SDR is a non-profit research organisation set up by the authors of the QuIP. Their aims are to be a development hub for cutting edge applied research; use new research methods to contribute to positive change in the social and development sectors; and provide further research opportunities for CDS alumni and staff as well as wider capacity building across the world.

Cellesce is a Biotech company that has developed a new patented bioprocessing technology for the growing and expansion of organoids. Organoids are a 3D cell structures with organ-like characteristics grown from stem cells. The Company is currently commercialising organoid models that are a powerful new enabling technology in drug discovery and genetics research.

Gen3D provides software and consulting solutions for additively manufactured (3D printed) components. Gen3D aims to change the way components are designed for additive manufacturing (AM). Their software and services aim to build confidence in a particular design from a manufacturing standpoint.

NanoGaN Ltd engages in the production of free standing gallium nitride and laser diode wafers and semiconductor devices used in blue-ray DVD, advanced lasers and solid-state lighting (SSL). The company serves suppliers of epitaxial wafers, chips, and devices. It provides Nanocolumn technology to develop high quality free standing gallium nitride substrates which are critical for blue and green laser technology, and ultra-high brightness LEDs.

Naturbeads produces biodegradable cellulose microparticles to replace plastic microbeads. Naturbeads are natural and biodegradable microbeads produced from renewable and sustainable resources. Naturbeads can be manufactured competitively at different scales and with properties matching those of persistent plastic microparticles.