Strategic Review

The University Strategy 2016-2021 describes our vision to be recognised as an international centre of research and teaching excellence, achieving global impact through our alumni, research and strategic partnerships. The Strategy builds on our heritage of invention, enterprise and international engagement and our goal to become an international leader in high quality, innovative graduate education. In delivering our Strategy we will:

  • extend our research power by recruiting dynamic researchers, nurturing their talent and fuelling their ambition
  • affirm our international influence through worldwide partnerships to create dynamic responses to research and educational opportunities
  • attract increasing numbers of postgraduates by enhancing our existing prestige portfolio with innovative and global modes of delivery
  • enrich the postgraduate and undergraduate experience by engaging purposefully with our student, donor and alumni communities
  • expand our capacity and capability by investing in new infrastructure, facilities and technologies

Our Strategy 2016-2021 articulates our values, these can be demonstrated in our commitment to:

  • deliver quality and excellence
  • nurturing high aspirations
  • supporting the freedom to challenge received wisdom
  • aspiring to the highest standards of scientific and professional integrity
  • working responsibly and with respect for others
  • fostering equality, diversity, inclusivity and accessibility
  • adopting best environmental practice

Our community prizes the following attributes:

The determination to excel

Ambitious in our goals for future excellence and success, and united in our drive to achieve greater prominence and higher standards.

An international perspective

Attracting the best intellectual talent from around the world, placing research and teaching in an international context and forming strategic relationships with leading international partners.

An enterprising mindset

Encouraging creativity and entrepreneurship across the community, researching new ways to meet global challenges, developing problem-solving and enterprise skills, and introducing innovative business processes.

A collaborative approach

Pursuing our academic objectives in partnership with business, the professions, the public, charities and other partners, nationally and internationally.

A supportive culture

Creating a welcoming, inclusive community that values the individual and supports the realisation of their potential.

We have further developed our thinking around our new strategy following extensive consultation with our stakeholders. This has been published in a discovery report and feedback from this will be built into the 2021-26 Strategy.

Operational Review

Below are a series of case studies which are intended to illustrate where we, as an academic community, have added value to our stakeholders over the last 12 months. This includes several COVID19 related activities where we reacted to the rapidly changing environment in which we and our stakeholders operate in.

We have a broad and diverse set of stakeholders and these case studies can only cover a subset of the range of ways in which we have added value. Our Value Creation Model illustrates how we add value.

Case studies