Through our Centre for Strategic Risk and Insurance (CSRI), we are working on increasingly important commercial and public policy areas of risk management research.

Our researchers are exploring, and expanding knowledge within, a broad range of areas in this field including:

  • the structure and operation of insurance markets, and their linkages with other financial systems (for example the banking sector), in developed and developing countries
  • the management of risk in the economic and social development of established and emergent markets
  • the contemporary and historical role of risk management in society and the wider economy
  • the analysis of individual risk perceptions and human behaviour in cross-cultural environments

Recent research activity

Recent research activity of key members of the CSRI falls into four main areas. These are:

  • the link between risk management and other strategic finance decisions in firms
  • insurance and risk management in emergent markets
  • risk management, corporate governance and firm performance
  • the historical economic development of insurance in Scandinavia