We welcome applications from students studying the French Baccalaureate and will publish updated entry requirements in February 2020 to reflect the reformed French Baccalaureate curriculum.

The proposed overall levels we will require for 2021 are:

  • maximum 16 overall for A*AA A level requirement courses (Psychology, Architecture, all Mechanical, Civil and Chemical Engineering variants, Economics, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Natural Sciences)
  • maximum 14 overall for all other courses
  • within our offers, we will specify grades in your two final year specialisms
  • core English in the new curriculum will be suitable for our English language requirements

In the meantime, students studying the French Baccalaureate who are interested in applying to study at Bath may find the following information helpful.

  1. We are currently reviewing all our entry requirements which are published on our course pages for 2021 entry and these pages will be available by the end of February 2020
  2. We are aware of the new Maths requirement in grade 11 (your penultimate year) and how this may impact the overall grade for some students
  3. We recognise the benefits of the breadth and rigour of the French Baccalaureate and will be sensitive to the challenges for schools and students during the transition to the new curriculum
  4. We value the Maths within the new curriculum. We will not include a requirement for final year Maths Complementaire elective, but we will recognise its benefits if you have taken it
  5. Where our courses currently have a core requirement for Maths A level or equivalent, we will require Maths specialism in your final year e.g. Economics, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science
  6. With our courses that currently require Maths and Physics or Chemistry, we will require both specialist subjects i.e. Maths and Physics/Chemistry in the final year. This will apply to many of our Engineering and Physics courses
  7. For Management courses, we will not require a Maths specialism in the final year, except for Accounting and Finance where this may remain a requirement, but this is still under review
  8. We will continue to review the range of science and technical subjects that we would prefer as a suitable second science where we require this
  9. We are aware of the limit of two specialisms in your final year, in addition to the increased number and variety of combinations. If you would like further information about preferred combinations, please contact us at admissions@bath.ac.uk. You can find more information about our overall approach to your application and what we are looking for in the personal statement for your chosen course by visiting our course pages.