Important information for your Student visa

The University of Bath is your Student visa sponsor under the Points Based System for Immigration.

Our sponsor duties start when we issue you a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) and end when you complete your course and leave the UK.

It is essential that you read and understand the following information to make sure that you are able to successfully remain in the UK and complete your studies. You should also read, understand and follow our Student / Tier 4 visa Handbook, which details our responsibilities to you as your Student visa sponsor, and your own responsibilities as a visa holder.

As a Student visa holder, you are required to meet certain legal requirements. This includes keeping to the conditions attached to your visa (such as the restrictions on working), as well as the terms and conditions of studying at the University of Bath.

Specific points for visa holders are included in the following:

Student Immigration Service terms and conditions

Immigration rules are subject to frequent change. We keep our website updated, but it remains the student's responsibility to check that they meet their immigration requirements.

The Student Immigration Service (SIS) can help you to check that your visa documents meet requirements and, in the case of current students, that your application is complete and accurate. However, the ultimate responsibility for this remains with you, the visa applicant. We do not accept liability for applications that are returned invalid or refused.

We may send you written confirmation via email of issues that we have discussed with you that may adversely affect your application. We may also record case notes and contact you with any updates. It is your responsibility to check your records on SAMIS and your email accounts regularly for correspondence.

If you have a Student visa for a different institution, you can't begin a course at the University of Bath, (unless the University has a partnership agreement with your institution). Please contact the Student Immigration Service for further information.

As part of our duties as a Student visa sponsor licence holder the University is required to keep your up to date contact details, copies of your visa and passport and inform UKVI of non-engagement, significant changes of circumstance and non-compliance with your visa conditions.

It is your responsibility to make sure you have valid immigration permission to study in the UK, to keep your contact details up to date on SAMIS, and to let SIS know if you have changed your immigration permission or have a new passport or Biometric Residence Permit.

SIS will make the CAS statement available to you once they have evidence that you will be able to make a successful visa application. Information in the CAS is not legally binding, and is subject to change (for example tuition fees). It is your responsibility to inform the Student Immigration Service of any details on your CAS that are incorrect.

SIS reserve the right to refuse to issue a CAS if it is considered that:

  • your visa application may be refused or
  • the University cannot meet its Student visa sponsor duties as outlined in the Student Sponsor Guidance and Immigration Rules or
  • you are not compliant with the rules and regulations attached to your Student visa

If a student is overseas, or, under exceptional circumstances, in the UK and unable to attend an appointment with an SIS adviser, SIS will issue a CAS on the basis of having checked and approved scanned documents.

The issuing of the CAS will be at the discretion of SIS at all times.

Please note that the issuing of your CAS does not guarantee a successful visa application. It is your responsibility to make sure that you provide accurate and complete information and supporting documentation when submitting your Student visa application. Further information about our CAS issuing process is available in our CAS issuing procedures.

The Student Immigration Service complies with the University’s data protection policy and principles of confidentiality.

The Immigration Services Commissioner has the power to examine students’ files and students have the right to complain to the Commissioner at any time. Additionally, the University of Bath Student Complaints Procedure makes sure that any complaint made to the University is fairly investigated and resolved.