The Honorary Degrees Committee invites you to submit nominations for honorary degrees and in that way to support the process of extending our network of prestigious contacts and supporters. It particularly welcomes proposals that reflect the cultural diversity and international character of the University and promotes its commitments to gender equality.

Proposals for nominations are considered by the Honorary Degrees Committee, which is a joint Committee of Senate and Council and is chaired by the Vice-Chancellor. Awards must be approved by Senate.

Criteria for Honorary Degrees

As one of HE's most significant accolades, the University confers honorary degrees on individuals of conspicuous merit.

The Honorary Degrees Committee also considers whether those nominated meet any of the following criteria:

  • Academics with an international reputation who have an existing or potential academic link with the University
  • National or international figures who serve as a role model for young people
  • International figures who have some connection with the University, for example, a common area of research
  • National or international figures who serve to make a statement about the University's position on moral or ethical issues
  • Recognition of achievements which have not previously been recognised
  • Persons with a local connection who have achieved a national or international reputation

The categories are indicative and where none apply the Committee will consider the justification for the case being submitted.

Find out more information about the criteria and the orations of our honorary degree recipients.

Closing date for Nominations - 4 March 2019

You can submit a nomination by downloading the form to your computer, fill in and email back to Clare Henderson as an attachment.

Before submitting your nomination, you need to:

Serving Heads of Government will not be considered for honorary degrees. Former staff (or those approaching retirement) and alumni may be nominated for an award.

Thank you for completing this form which should not take you long. If you have any queries or require advice in advance of preparing a nomination, please contact Clare Henderson, extension 3400 in the Office of the University Secretary.