Regulation for Students 8.1(b)(i) states that an allegation or complaint that a student has breached the Disciplinary Regulations may be dealt with, inter alia, by the Head of Student Services (or his/her nominated substitute) in accordance with the Preliminary Disciplinary Procedures outlined below:

Preliminary assessment

The Director of Student Services will make a preliminary assessment to determine if there is a case to be answered. This assessment will be based on one or more of the following:

  • a written statement from the complainant
  • written statements from any witnesses
  • evidence from other relevant sources

Responding to allegations

Where the Director of Student Services determines that there is a case to be answered (s)he will:

  • give the student concerned an opportunity to provide a written response to the allegations and/or
  • arrange to meet the student to discuss the case, normally in the presence of the Head of Security Services or other appropriate senior officer. The student will have the option to be accompanied at this meeting by a fellow student or a representative from the Students' Union. There is a guide for students who are asked to attend a meeting.

Possible outcomes

On completion of the investigation, the Director of Student Services may:

  • determine that no further action need be taken; or
  • seek further advice, including medical advice where this is considered appropriate and subject to the student's consent; or
  • issue a written warning which will indicate the period of time after which it will be considered 'spent'; or
  • issue a financial penalty not exceeding £250; or
  • take other action that is both proportionate and relevant to the misconduct e.g. requiring a student to change or leave University accommodation; paying compensation for damage caused; or
  • make a written report to the University Secretary for action under the terms of Regulation for Students 8.1(b)(i), this report will be accompanied by full supporting documentation relating to the case

The Director of Student Services will notify the student in writing of the outcome of the investigation.


Appeals against the outcome can be made in writing to the University Secretary within ten working days.


  • In order to identify and respond to patterns of misconduct emerging across the different disciplinary procedures for students, details of all University sanctions will be held on a database. This database will not include details of any sanctions imposed by the Students' Union.
  • Details of all sanctions determined by the Director of Student Services under these procedures will be copied to the relevant Director of Studies, supervisor or equivalent.
  • Where the Director of Student Services is unavailable to deal with a disciplinary matter an alternate will be nominated to act on his/her behalf.