Security and identity documentation

On the test day, you will be required to show the same identification document which you gave us when you applied to take the test. This must be an original document.

Finger-printing and Photographs

On your test day, before you take your IELTS Test, you will be required to have your photograph and a finger-print taken, by us.

The fingerprint is to monitor you as they leave and enter rooms on the test day, and will not be used for any other purpose.

The photograph taken on the day will be used on your Test Report Form (TRF).

Under 18 year old candidates

You will need to bring a signed consent form.

Accessibility provisions

We are committed to making our test and support accessible to all candidates. If you need extra support to access the test, please contact us in advance so we can discuss your individual needs.

This includes: - disabled access requirements - learning needs, which make require amendments to standard test taking practice

In all cases, you will be required to provide us with a official medical document, clearly stating your accessibility needs and test taking recommendations. We must receive this notification at least 12 weeks before the date you wish to take the test. This must be done by emailing us.

Campus accessibility

Find out about disabled parking, accessible routes around campus and the accessibility of our buildings and facilities.

Test cancellation and rescheduling of test dates

Tests can be cancelled or rescheduled no later than 5 weeks before the test date. This must be done by emailing us.

Where there this a need to cancel or reschedule a test for medical reasons, within 5 weeks of the test, you will be required to submit medical evidence. This can be submitted up to one week after your test date.

In all cases there is a fixed administration fee of £30.