If your child has Coronavirus symptoms

If your child is experiencing the symptoms of COVID-19 or has tested positive from a lateral flow diagnostic (LFD) (and / or PCR) test then:

  • Your child must not attend Nursery for at least 5 calendar days following the onset of symptoms or the date of the first positive test.

  • If you have lateral flow tests left at home, then you may wish to test your child on day 6 after the first positive test. This testing is not compulsory and the Nursery does not require evidence of two negative tests taken over two consecutive days before allowing children to return to the setting.

  • If you do not have access to any lateral flow tests, or you decide you do not wish to carry out subsequent tests, then your child can return to Nursery after 5 full calendar days of absence, provided that they no longer have a temperature and their symptoms have reduced. If their symptoms continue, even with a negative test, then they should remain at home until they feel well enough to attend the setting.

Contact tracing

The UK Government has suspended contact tracing and the close-contacts of confirmed cases are not required to self-isolate. We will let you know if there have been confirmed cases in your child's setting and you may, for reassurance purposes wish to test your child. Unfortunately, the Nursery no longer has access to supplies of Lateral Flow Tests so we will not be able to assist you with this.

Contacting the Nursery

  • If your child tests positive during normal operating hours please call the Nursery on 01225 386518.

  • If your child tests positive outside of normal hours, or over a week end, please contact Pauline Young and Janice Bindon via Teams chat

  • If the Teams chat function does not work on your machine, you can also contact Chris Young via email. Please note, responses may be delayed.

Please do not post these notifications in the General or Room Teams sites. Please be mindful that the emergency contacts should only be used for emergencies. General enquiries should be directed through the Nursery during normal hours .

This page was last reviewed in May 2022. It will next be reviewed by end December 2022 (or earlier subject to changes in guidance or University policy).