Thermal analysis is the study of the relationship between a sample property and its temperature. Applications include:

  • Evaluation of thermal stability
  • Detection of the glass transition
  • Determination of the amount of volatile matter in a sample
  • Measurement of melting point temperature and enthalpy
  • Analysis of the viscoelastic behaviour

Our equipment

Instrument Name Manufacturer Temperature range Comment
Thermogravimetric analyser (TGA) Setsys Evolution TGA 16/18 Setaram 30°C to 1000°C coupled with a mass spectrometer for evolving gas analysis
Differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) DSC Q20 TA Instruments -50°C to 400°C for solid samples
Microcalorimeter MicroSC multicell calorimeter Setaram -30°C to 180°C large volume cells, for liquid and solid samples
Dynamic mechanical analyser (DMA) DMA1 Mettler Toledo -170°C to 600°C for films and bars in bending, tension, compression and shear

Application notes