Terms of reference

  • to consider and approve, on behalf of the university, the arrangements for commercialisation of university intellectual property where the value of the intellectual property is expected to exceed £250,000
  • to act as a supervisory board in overseeing the university's interest, purchased from University Challenge Funds (UCF) monies in companies and in considering all future investments from available UCF cash
  • to support the acceleration of exploitation opportunities for university intellectual assets which have significant economic and social impact

Procedural Rules

Membership and Appointment of Chair

The Vice-Chancellor is Chair of the Board. The Membership of the Board is approved by Council.


Co-options are permitted.


Alternates are not permitted.


There shall be a quorum at meetings of one-third of the membership.


Minutes are submitted to Council.

Version information

Owner: University Ventures Board
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Approval Date: 5 July 2007, revised 3 July 2008, 16 May 2013
Approved By: Council
Date of last review: 16 May 2013