The award is for Bath Bursary recipients and is worth £2,000 on top of their Bath Bursary payment. The Unpaid Placement Bursary awards are made under the terms of the University’s 2018-19 Access Agreement.

To be eligible for an award you must meet the following criteria: - be a UK Home student - have commenced undergraduate studies in 2012 or later - be your first placement in 2018/19 - your placement is considered as a full year unpaid/study placement - be in receipt of the Bath Bursary

  1. The award is a non-repayable grant worth £2,000 on top of your Bath Bursary payment as is payable for your placement year only
  2. Prior to any payment being made we will check your student SAMIS record to confirm your placement status is marked as a full unpaid placement year. Queries about your placement status and if it will be classed as paid or unpaid should be directed to your Departmental Placement Office.
  3. It is the responsibility your Departmental Placement Office to notify Student Records that your placement year is unpaid. If you are unsure please speak to your Placement Team.
  4. Awards will be paid as a single instalment for the full £2,000 in December 2018, alongside the first instalment of your main Bath Bursary.
  5. Payment will be made to the same bank account, as given by you, for your main Bath Bursary. If you need to update your bank account details you can do this by logging into your Student SAMIS account and follow the link ‘enter or change financial support bank details’ in the Bath Financial Support Package section.
  6. If you suspend or leave your studies then you will not be eligible to receive any future bursary payments in that year. You may however, be eligible to receive any outstanding bursary award due upon your return from suspension.
  7. The University will not seek to reclaim any bursary payments already made to you prior to your suspension/withdrawal.
  8. Bursaries will not normally be terminated nor repayment required on the basis of academic failure, but they will not be paid during any repeat year or partial repeat year. Students who are in this position and have met the other bursary eligibility criteria will normally be directed to submit an application to the Discretionary Student Support Fund administered by Student Services. You should refer to the separate terms and conditions that apply to this fund.
  9. The University reserves the right to terminate a bursary award in the case of any disciplinary action being taken against an award-holder. The University may also seek repayment of any bursary overpayment on a pro rata basis, should your award be terminated due to disciplinary action being taken. Cases will be considered on an individual basis by the Head of Student Support Services.
  10. Awards are allocated for placements in the academic year 2018/9 only. Funding for future years cannot be guaranteed.
  11. The University reserves the right to withdraw an award from anyone who is found to have misled the University about any aspect of their eligibility and to seek repayment of any monies already paid to them. In such cases the University may seek to recover any money paid as a debt in the county court (in which case it may also seek to recover additional sums such as interest, court fees and legal costs).
  12. There is no right of appeal and the University’s decision is final in relation to your eligibility for an award based on your widening participation or your academic profile. You may make a complaint if you believe that you have not been considered for an award because of a procedural error, or you believe that there has been some other procedural problem with our allocating and awarding system. Complaints should be made under the terms of our Admissions Complaints and Appeals Procedure.
  13. The use of data and personal information gathered initially with a view to determining your eligibility for our funding schemes may subsequently be used by the University to provide you with information and advice about the University and to inform you about provision that you may be able to access, or to monitor student success and for other legitimate reasons.
  14. Each year we may survey students about our funding schemes to evaluate, inform our strategies and planning for future funding opportunities. Your survey responses used as part of any evaluation will remain anonymous.