This update builds upon previous information we have provided to offer holders about our accommodation and teaching provision with more detail about the activity we are putting in place to provide a compelling student experience from September 2020.

Your induction

The University intends to start your induction activity online during early September, in advance of the start of the semester. This should allow you to be very well prepared for your start of the academic year and means that we can focus on your academic and social integration into the University community. Further details about your induction to the University of Bath will be sent to you from mid-August. To help with our planning we will also be asking you in August if you are planning to live in Bath, or if you intend to study at a distance. If you cannot join us in Bath we will ask you to provide your reason and intended study location. This will ensure that the appropriate resource is dedicated to support your mode of study, and make the best use of our physical space for those studying in Bath.

Accommodation arrival dates and arrangements for quarantine

We have guaranteed accommodation to overseas fee-paying postgraduates who applied for rooms before the guarantee deadline.

You may already be aware that the UK Government is currently requiring all those entering the UK to undertake a 14-day period of quarantine, unless they are coming from a country where a travel corridor has been established, or from Ireland, the Channel Islands, or the Isle of Man. The most up to date list of countries where a travel corridor exists can be found on the website.

If you do not need to quarantine and you have applied to live in university accommodation, you will receive notification of any allocated accommodation in August. You will also be informed of a specified arrival date. You will need to make arrangements to arrive on the specified arrival date, which will be between 17-22 September. This six-day period has been designed to maximise your safety as you arrive and unpack – ensuring that it is easy for you to maintain social distancing and take the stress out of moving in.

The University will hold allocated accommodation up until 31 October 2020 and will start charging from the point that you take up your room. From 1 November 2020, if you wish the University to continue to hold your room, you will need to start paying for your accommodation, even if you have not moved to Bath. You can choose to give up your allocated room and reapply for a place in accommodation from 1 January 2021 if you are not able to take up your room by 31 October and do not wish to pay for it.

If you are travelling from overseas and do not need to undertake a period of quarantine, you will need to book into private sector accommodation if you arrive before your specified arrival date.

Unless you have specifically applied to live in family accommodation, the University will not be able to accommodate any family members who decide to travel with you to Bath. This is to ensure the safety of those living in your allocated University accommodation.

If you are planning to travel to the University from one of the countries not on the travel corridor list, and have chosen to live in University accommodation, the following arrangements have been made to support your quarantine period.

Arriving between 29 August and 5 September

Arrangements for quarantine period

You will be provided with 14 days of free quarantine accommodation and food on the main campus.

Arrangements after quarantine period

You move into your allocated university accommodation which you will start paying for.

Arriving between 6 September and 16 September

Arrangements for quarantine period

You need to make your own arrangements to quarantine off the university campus in private sector accommodation. You will need to make your own arrangements to provide food.

Arrangements after quarantine period

You move into your allocated university accommodation which you will start paying for.

Arriving after 17 September but before 31 October

Arrangements for quarantine period

You will need to book into designated quarantine accommodation on campus for 14 days. You will need to pay for the quarantine accommodation, but free food will be provided.

Arrangements after quarantine period

You move into your allocated accommodation. You will pay for your accommodation from the point you move in.

Arriving on 1 November or later

Arrangements for quarantine period

You will need to book into designated quarantine accommodation on campus for 14 days. You will need to pay for the quarantine accommodation, but free food will be provided.

Arrangements after quarantine period

You move into your allocated accommodation. You will be paying for your accommodation from 1 November, regardless of when you arrive.

Transport to Bath from London Heathrow Airport

The University is making arrangements to put on coaches from London Heathrow airport from 29 August to the 5 September inclusive and 17-22 September to support transport to Bath. Further details of these transport options will be provided to you in August.

Transport to Bath from other locations

The University will not be making arrangements to meet you from other airports or points of entry to the UK. We would encourage you to read the UK Government’s advice on travelling safely from your point of entry to the UK.

Students who need to undergo a period of quarantine and have any queries should email

Your student experience at Bath

We know that University life is more than the subject you study and are working hard to provide a range of activities and events for you to get involved with. These will help you find your community, explore your interests and develop your skills so you quickly feel you belong at Bath.

Over the coming weeks the University and the Students’ Union will be providing additional detail on the induction process and the activities we are planning for the first semester. Some of these events will be virtual and some will be face to face; either in the city or on campus.

On coming to Bath, our new Student Living Ambassadors will welcome you to your new home, organise activities to support your wellbeing and help you to live a healthy life. Working with our Student Services team and alongside our multi-faith Chaplaincy Team they are here to guide you through the start of your time at Bath.

As they do every year, our Students’ Union will deliver a varied and full programme from the start of your time with us, and our active societies are finding new ways to offer the exciting and inclusive experience for which they are known. A series of Creative Workshops will also be available throughout the year, connecting talented professionals from across the Arts with students, to share skills that can be applied to all elements of future employment.

We know that many of you will be keen to use the incredible sports facilities and services at Bath. Whether you wish to take some gentle exercise, get a little fitter, try something new or compete for the University, we are working on plans to meet a range of interests and personal goals. The Sports Training Village plans to reopen in early August after a successful period supporting over 60 of the elite athletes based at Bath return to training. The virtual exercise and well-being classes programme enjoyed by many over recent months will continue throughout the academic year and new outdoor fitness classes are starting shortly, initially on the beach volleyball courts. Competitive leagues are set for a January 2021 start though some individual and non-contact sports events may be held in Semester 1 and student club leads are working with staff to provide an inclusive, fun and engaging experience.

We are adapting some of our existing services to the current situation, building on our successful support of students living on campus after lockdown occurred in March 2020. A variety of food and drink outlets will be available to you across campus and our well stocked campus supermarket will be open to meet your needs.

All facilities on campus will adhere to regulations set out by the government. Please see our guidance for staying safe on campus.

Room arrangements for Teaching

The University has plans for all in-person teaching to occur within the normal weekday timetable.

To ensure we can respond to the widest range of scenarios, we have ensured that all timetabled teaching spaces can operate at 2 metres for social distancing purposes all year long.

We will always be mindful of the regulations of the day in accordance with the priority we place on the health and wellbeing of our students and staff.

If we are able to relax measures on social distancing, we will be able to offer slightly greater flexibility in our use of learning space where this is beneficial to a particular activity.

If there is a need to revert to a period of further lockdown, we will put all in-person activities online immediately.

If social distancing measures are relaxed to the extent that teaching can operate on a business as usual basis, there will be much greater opportunity for using space that will make maximum use of the increased flexibility.

To retain flexibility in our planning for different scenarios, all large lectures will be conducted online for the entire academic year.

Skills support

We understand how important your next steps are, particularly the transition from undergraduate to postgraduate studies, especially this year. To support you with this transition, our Skills Centre is pleased to offer a special online programme during August and September, providing you with the opportunity to:

better understand the study options available to you together with advice on financing further study help you develop the key academic skills you need to succeed at postgraduate level help you think about what you want from your course and develop your skills for future employment find out more about life at Bath as a postgraduate student

We have been thinking carefully about what support you’ll need to succeed in your studies during this next academic year. We especially recognise the increasing importance of digital skills and you will have access to a range of resources to help you get the best out of your studies and support your future employment.

Once you have joined the University, you can access a wide range of academic and employability skills development opportunities including tutorials, appointments, workshops, courses and access online resources through our MySkills and MyFuture Hubs.

Find out more about our support and follow us on Twitter at @BathSkills.

What our students say about studying at Bath

The National Student Survey (NSS) is an annual survey of nearly half a million students across the UK, conducted amongst students in their final year of study for their first degree. It has just been announced that, for full time undergraduate students studying their first degree in the UK, Bath ranks joint 7th, and joint 2nd in England, when comparing Higher Education institutions listed in the Guardian University Guide.

Much of the survey period overlapped with the initial months of the pandemic, so the result in part reflects the experience of the class of 2020, our graduating students, on how well they felt supported by the University during this period. I am grateful to my colleagues across the University for all they have done for our students over the past year and know they are looking forward to supporting the entire cohort of students who will be starting or continuing their degrees at the University of Bath.

The University will continue to provide updates to applicants and offer holders throughout August. The next significant communication will be in mid-August, where we will be able to share the details of any key changes to your proposed course.

Best wishes
Professor Bernie Morley
Deputy Vice Chancellor & Provost