Our ground vehicle dynamics research activities fall into four main areas:

  • design and control of narrow-track tilting vehicles
  • analysis, simulation and measurement of the stability of towed vehicles
  • modelling and subjective/objective evaluation of steering feel
  • design and simulation of active and passive suspension systems

Research projects

Download our current and recently completed research projects in vehicle dynamics.

PhD theses

Name Year of award Title of theses
Pooh Eamcharoenying 2015 Hybrid numerical-experimental testing of active and semi-active suspensions
James Robertson 2014 Active control of narrow tilting vehicle dynamics
Jack Lewis 2012 Design and development of a lightweight caravan chassis and suspension system (MPhil)
Auguste van Poelgeest 2011 The dynamics and control of a tilting three-wheeled vehicle
Johan Berote 2010 Dynamics and control of a tilting three-wheeled vehicle
Anil Patel 2010 A study of gas suspension systems for off-road vehicles
Georgios Tsampardoukas 2007 Semi-active control strategies to reduce road damage in vehicles
Benjamin Drew 2007 Development of active tilt control for a three-wheeled vehicle
Manfred Harrer 2007 Characterisation of steering feel
Matthew Barker 2006 Chassis design and dynamics of a tilting three-wheeled vehicle
Peter Pfeffer 2006 Interaction of vehicle and steering system regarding on-centre handling