At the request of the Committee on the Office of Vice-Chancellor, the Remuneration Committee of Council determined a suitable range for a remuneration package to enable the recruitment of a new Vice-Chancellor.

The Remuneration Committee agreed strategies for setting the remuneration package taking into account the need to attract candidates to a demanding role as set out in the job description and person specification; the requirement to support and reward the individual in their ability to undertake the role; and the importance of the individual and the University’s stakeholders feeling that the package fairly recognises the contribution of the Vice-Chancellor to delivering success for the institution.

The Remuneration Committee considered the salary in context with the other elements of the remuneration package taking account of market rates, the University’s positioning and the requirement to exercise governance and control in light of new guidance from the Committee of University Chairs and the Office for Students.

The details of the remuneration agreed with Professor White for when he takes up the role of Vice-Chancellor on 8 April 2019 are as follows:

Salary £266,000
Salary Review No annual review
Periodic reconsideration of remuneration at three years and/or contract extension
National Pay Award Yes, the same as for other staff
Bonus or incentivisation package None
Pension Enhanced-Opt Out of USS with the balance (at current levels £37k) being paid alongside salary in accordance with University policy
Private Healthcare Yes, as for other senior managers
Accommodation Responsible for own domestic accommodation, utilities and services as for other staff
Relocation Allowance One month gross salary, as for other staff
Car No car or chauffeur to be provided, nor arrangement to fund a car
Travel expenses Class of travel and regulations as for other staff
Where business interests dictate, and with prior approval of the Chair of Council, Mrs White may accompany the Vice-Chancellor, at the same class of travel, funded by the University
Any other benefits None
Sabbatical As for other staff
Remuneration for taking on external responsibilities To be considered on a case by case basis and approved by Chair of Council
Start Date 08-Apr-19
Term 5 years, with a potential contract extension to a maximum total term of 10 years
Notice period 6 months either way