Fluoride-free water to East African communities

7 November 2018

A University of Bath researcher is developing a safe & affordable way of removing harmful excessive fluoride in water used by communities in East Africa. Read more about this story.

New device will help protect vulnerable communities in Colombia from unsafe water

14 June 2018

An international collaboration between the University of Bath and Universidad de los Andes has developed an integrated device for testing a water source. Read more about this story.

ReNEW project meets for the first time in South Africa

31 May 2018

Members of the ReNEW project which is aiming to develop a ‘water fingerprinting’ technology to help mitigate infectious diseases, recently met in South Africa. Read more about this story.

Forum to address future world water challenges

22 March 2018

UK’s largest consortium of water researchers will welcome business, NGO and government leaders to discuss water security. Read more about this story.

New nanoporous metal foams uses sunlight to clean up water

13 February 2018

A researcher from the University of Bath is leading the way in creating a new, more efficient way for the water industry to safely remove micropollutants from water without increasing their carbon footprint. Read more about this story.

Just a small piece of paper can make water consumption safer

17 January 2018

A revolutionary microbial-based paper sensor has been developed by researchers at the University of Bath, creating a cheap, sustainable and recyclable device for detecting toxic compounds in water. Read more about this story.

From the laboratory to the lavatory – developing fake poo could save thousands of lives

19 November 2017

Researchers at the University of Bath are developing laboratory-created poo in order to improve sanitation in developing countries. Read more about this story.

Simple water test could prevent crippling bone disease

14 November 2017

Researchers from our Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies and Water Innovation & Research Centre have developed a simple colour-changing test for fluoride levels in water that tell you if the water is safe to drink. They are working with charity The Nasio Trust to develop a test that can be used in remote areas of Africa where high levels of fluoride in the drinking water causes the crippling bone disease fluorosis. Read more about this story.

Testing wastewater could give early warning system for preventing epidemics

16 October 2017

New ‘water fingerprinting’ technology developed by researchers at the University of Bath to test a city’s water could soon be mitigating infectious disease, limiting the spread of antibiotic resistant “superbugs” such as E. coli, and enabling authorities to monitor the overall health of the public. Read more about this story.

University alliance awarded £2m to deliver the next generation of freshwater experts

4 October 2017

The University of Bath is part of the UK’s first freshwater doctoral training programme which will train future leaders with the skills necessary to address the complex challenges facing freshwater sustainability. Read more about this story.