Many congratulations on securing your place to study at the University of Bath; I wish you continued success during your time with us.

As Director of Studies (DoS), responsible for the academic and operational management of the MSc Applied Psychology and Economic Behaviour programme, I’d like to take this opportunity to personally welcome you to the University and to the Department of Psychology. This MSc is interdisciplinary, being jointly provided by the Department of Psychology and the Department of Economics, however, the Department of Psychology is the host of the MSc during your time here. Below you will find some information about the induction programme that has been arranged for you.

Welcome Week

Welcome week runs Monday 24th to Sunday 30th September 2018. On Tuesday 25 September you will have an introductory meeting for all new students on the Programme. This will give you the opportunity to meet members of the academic teaching team and professional support staff, as well as your fellow students, and to obtain an introduction to the MSc and important things you should know.

Support available in your Department

Although exciting, many students find that the transition to study at a new institution can be challenging. We are here to support you so please let us know if you are having any difficulties or have any concerns and we will do our very best to assist you through this transitional period. For support, you can contact:

All incoming students will also be allocated a Personal Tutor who will be responsible for providing pastoral and academic support. You will have the opportunity to meet your Personal Tutor in induction week.

Department pre-sessional information

We’ve put together some suggested texts to help you to read around the area of behavioural economics before you commence your studies with us.

  • Cartwright, E. (2018). Behavioral Economics (3rd ed.). Oxon, Routledge.

  • Lewis, A (ed.). (2018). The Cambridge Handbook of Psychology and Economic Behaviour (2nd ed.). Oxford, University Printing House.

  • Kahneman, D. (2012). Thinking Fast and Slow. London, Penguin.

Please note that these texts are only a recommendation and you are not required to purchase any of these or read the full list.

You can find more information about Welcome Week and things you can do in preparation for your arrival at Bath. These pages will be updated as the time draws closer to Welcome Week (particularly during September). Therefore, please do continue to visit these pages ahead of your arrival.

I very much look forward to meeting you at the end of September. In the meantime, if you have any queries or concerns please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

With very best wishes,

Dr Neal Hinvest

Director of Studies, MSc Applied Psychology and Economic Behaviour