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Applied Economics (Banking and Financial Markets) MSc

2 years online, minimum 2 years 6 months, starting in April 2020

This online MSc is filled with contemporary, real-world insights, the skills and techniques you’ll discover can be put into practice immediately.

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We recently hosted a webinar on our postgraduate Economics courses, covering course content and structure, graduate prospects and admissions information. A recording of this webinar can be accessed here.

2023/24 Academic Year

Before you apply for a course, please check the website for the most recently published course detail. If you apply to the University of Bath, you will be advised of any significant changes to the advertised programme, in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

We understand that you will want to know more about the shape of the academic year. We work hard and plan for different scenarios, to be able to welcome you to the University of Bath at the start of each semester.

Course structure

This course lasts 2 years. It starts in April 2020 and ends in 2023. Minimum 2 years 6 months.

Occasionally we make changes to our programmes in response to, for example, feedback from students, developments in research and the field of studies, and the requirements of accrediting bodies. You will be advised of any significant changes to the advertised programme, in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

Learning and assessment


  • 100% online lectures, seminars and practicals
  • Video materials
  • Interaction and networking
  • Lectures
  • Online resources
  • Practical sessions
  • Real-life case studies


  • Coursework
  • Data analysis practical
  • Essay
  • Online assessment
  • Online web-forum contributions
  • Policy brief
  • Policy evidence and data review
  • Practical work

Recognition of professional qualifications

As well as being recognised as a higher academic qualification, a number of our degrees are also accredited by professional bodies in the United Kingdom. An accredited degree may entitle you to work in a specific profession within the UK, and abroad (where there are reciprocating arrangements with professional bodies in other countries).

The requirements to practise a profession vary from country to country. If you wish to practise your profession outside the United Kingdom, you are advised to confirm that the UK professional qualification you seek is valid in the country in which you are intending to work.

Application information

Course enquiries