Sociology and social policy

Undergraduate courses starting in 2018

Social and policy sciences blend the scientific study of individual and social behaviour to understand the dynamics of power and social justice.

The study of social and policy sciences uses methods of experimental investigation and critical analysis. This allows you to understand people as they adapt and change to order and disorder.

You’ll have room for creativity, as you actively seek solutions to social problems, rather than just learning historical or political content. You’ll learn how to hold those in power to account.

We have specialism in applied sociology, European and international social policy. You’ll be able to explore issues such as climate change, child wellbeing, the role of technology in society, social mobility, the gender pay gap and criminal justice.



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‘My department has been really helpful in giving feedback on essays, career opportunities, placements or anything related to the course, which has really been helpful.’
Monica Rodil Diaz BSc Sociology (2016)